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Case Results: Trinity Apparel Group v. Blue Pencil, Ltd, et al.

Massive victory for Dragon Law Group. But much more critical, an enormous win for our client. In this case, Dragon Law Group's clients are entrepreneurs who started their own business in a small and very competitive market. Threatened by our client's entrance into this market, a well-established big company filed a lawsuit in United States District Federal Court attempting to intimidate our client into ceasing business. This company is exceptionally well-funded and hired a national firm to carry out the suit.

Rather than cave to the intimidation, our client hired Dragon Law Group to defend the case. Dragon Law Group is a boutique firm, we meticulously analyzed the case, arguing that the Court lacked jurisdiction over our client, successfully disposing of the case (Order is attached).

It is far too common in business for goliath companies to use the law as a weapon to intimidate their small start-up competitors. But there is another option.

Dragon Law Group cannot guarantee a favorable outcome. But we do guarantee that every case is thoroughly examined, without draining our clients' resources. All defenses are flushed out and utilized to maximum advantage.

Dragon Law Group's emphasis is “Effective and Efficient Results.” These results speak for themselves. Take a look.

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