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Attorney Estate Planning is not about drafting a Will to determine how to gift your property when you pass. Instead, Dragon Law Group believes that your life’s work should work for you long after death. Dragon Law Group’s customized Estate Planning services gives you the key to manage your property, on your terms, long after you pass.

  • Perhaps what is most important to you is to help ensure your loved ones have positive relationships with each other after you pass; we have a solution.

  • What if you don’t want a large portion of your money to go to your son-n-law? (Don’t feel bad; almost no one does); we have the solution.


  • Maybe you have a grandchild who isn’t old or responsible enough to manage high-valued funds and assets; we have the solution.


  • Perhaps you want to motivate your child to graduate from college. Or maybe you want to encourage your child to attend medical school; we have the solution.


  • You might even own a special vacation home that you want your children to enjoy after you pass instead of selling it... 



In short, our Estate Planning is focused on allowing you the same freedom of your property you enjoy today, after death.


It doesn’t matter what your age is. A customized Estate Plan should be created whenever one has assets to protect.


Give us a call today, and let's begin the journey together.  

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For Estate Planning in Las Vegas or from anywhere in Nevada, Dragon Law Group offers:
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Mr. Dragon and Dragon Law Group ensures that your heirs will receive everything you’ve arranged for in your Estate Plan. While this puts everything in order after you pass away, this also minimizes excessive financial burdens on your heirs, such as fees and tax complications associated with the Probate process if you were to not have an Estate Plan in place.

It may surprise you to learn you do not need an Attorney to draft a Will or create a basic Family Trust. In fact, Dragon Law Group will provide template Trust or Will documents at your request and at no charge to you.

Wills and Living Trusts

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Being a Trustee or administering an Estate has many complex legal requirements, and Dragon Law Group can help those who assume responsibility for an Estate and offer legal advice to work through the administration process and avoid any major challenges.

We understand and empathize with the challenges you must be facing with these types of issues and hold true to our promise of providing an amazing experience, especially in challenging times. Due to this, we are now also offering Estate Planning services from the comfort of your home, or wherever you are that has internet and video meeting capabilities.

Estate and Trust Administration

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