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If you are getting a divorce or have a child custody issue, mediation may be the best solution. We at Dragon Law Group emphasize the importance of resolving family issues sooner rather than later. The fact is that over 90% of divorces settle because family law is not overly complicated, meaning in most situations, there is no reason to take a dispute to trial.

The difficulty with family law stems from its emotional nature. A soon to be ex-spouse may be uncompromising and unreasonable, forcing the other through the muck of litigation. An attorney can only be so useful for his or her client because the opposing spouse knows the attorney represents his or her spouse's interest only.

What is the solution? Mediation is a useful tool for resolving differences. In family law, two types of meditation are at your disposal. The first focuses on determining the division of financial assets and liabilities, and the second focuses on setting a child custody arrangement. A single mediation can accomplish both tasks.

Unlike negotiations with your spouse's attorney, mediators do not represent either party. A mediator's single goal is resolving all legal issues. Mediators are well versed in the law. Many of them are retired, family-law judges. No matter how unique your situation may seem, a mediator has seen it before and can be very useful in bringing an unreasonable spouse down to earth.

In a typical mediation, the parties (typically through the assistance of their attorneys) provide the mediator with all relevant documents and facts concerning the case. The mediator reviews and determines the most likely outcome if the case were to proceed to trial. Both parties then appear at mediation, and the mediator speaks with both to learn how they would like the situation resolved. Both parties go back and forth until a reasonable settlement is achieved. The agreement is then entered, and the divorce finalized.

Meditation is not family counseling; he or she does not attempt to reconcile the marriage. A Mediator's job is to resolve legal issues. Should you or your children need counseling, speak with your attorney, who will have great recourses.

Additionally, mediation may seem costly. Excellent mediators charge $400 or more an hour. However, choosing mediation is much more affordable than participating in a long litigation proceeding.

This link,, provides general information on mediators in Clark County Nevada. Or, please feel free to contact us for expert knowledge and resources regarding meditation.

Please note: the contents found on this website are not legal advice and is strictly intended for educational purposes only. The legal needs of each individual vary significantly and are dependent on a variety of factors relevant to their specific needs. Please seek the assistance of an attorney for your legal advice.

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